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Epos, Mobile App and Website Integrated Software

EPOS Features:


Settings include:

(a). Restaurant details

(b). Service charge

(c). Tax Rate  

(d). Discount settings

(e). Currency settings

(F). Gross Profit Percent

(g). Service Types settings

(h). Delivery customer message settings



(a). Employee Access Rights

(b). Job Title settings

(c). Employee Wages Settings

(d). Business details settings.

(e). Holiday Management settings.

(f). Tax codes settings

(g). Stock Location settings

(h). Supplier Payment method settings.


Kitchen Printer:

(a). Multiple Kitchen Printer settings.

(b). Add all type of Printers (BAR/CURRY/SALAD etc).


Add/Edit Employee:

(a). Add new employee with Login password.

(b). Employee address and DOB settings.

(c). Employee Bank details and Wage rates settings.

(d). Employee Warning settings.

(e). Employee Job Title and password settings.

Terminate Employee:  

(a). Terminate employee options.

Hours Calculator:

(a). Employee working Hours settings.

(b). Calculating wages for all employees.

Holiday Booker:

(a). Employee Holiday settings.

Rota Calculator:

(a). Employee Rota calculations.


Category Management:

(a). Add/Edit Categories with rank settings.

(b). Category Colour Setting options

(c). Update to Website.

Sub Category Management:

(a). Add/Edit sub categories with rank settings.

(b). Sub Category image settings.

(c). Multiple Printer settings for hole sub categories.

(d). Update to Website.

Menu / Product Management:

(a). Add/Edit menu/product details with rank settings.

(b). Settings the product position

(c). Multiple price settings (Restaurant/Takeaway)

(d). Product image settings.

(e). Multiple Printer settings for one product/menu.

(f). Product/menu colour settings.

(g). Update to Website.

Menu Options Management:

(a). Options to Add/Edit Menu options  

(b). Extra price settings.

(c). Update to Website.

(d). Offer Mega Meal Deal.


Offers for Product when Buy some product, give some offer

(a).Option to Add offer name, Offer start date, end date.

(b). Option for give offer product (example: Buy any 2 @ £20)

(c). Special Offer product for week days

Food Modifications Settings:

(a). Option to Add/Edit food modifications.

(b). Rank and extra Price settings.

(c). Update to Website.

Table Management:

(a). Options to Add/Edit Tables with capacity.

(b). Add/Edit seat details.

(c). Ability to set Table Layout.

Colour Management:

(a). Option to change the EPOS screen colour.

Customer Management:

(a). Option to Add/Edit Customer details.

(b). Option to export customer details.


Supplier Management:  

(a). Option to add/edit new Suppliers.

(b). Ability to set payment methods.

(c). Option to terminate the suppliers.

Supplier Product Management:  

(a). Add/Edit supplier products details.

(b). Including Qty/Box and Box Prices settings.

(c). Option to set serving unit.

(d). Generate New Purchase orders with supplier wise.

(e). Viewing Old Purchase orders and taking prints.


(a). Option to update stock items.

(b). Option to set Locations for the stock Items.

(c). Ability to fix Minimum Stock level and Default Stock levels.

(d). Add/Edit new Ingredients with serving Unit.

(e). Setting menu ingredients with serving Unit and Qty.

(f). Option to add multiple ingredients for one product/menu.


(a). Option to set Bank Payment/Cash Payment/Card payments.

(b). Calculate weekly Bank deposit amounts.

(c). Option to add supplier payment details with Invoice Number.

(d). Option to take reports for payment details.


(a). Calculate weekly Till Totals with or without VAT amounts.  

(b). Option to add Forecast amount and check variance amounts.

(c). Calculating Till wise Cash/Card details with Total Till amounts.

(d). Ability generate cash/card details report.


(a). EPOS Daily Sales Reports.

(b). EPOS Food Item Reports.

(c). EOD Sales Report.

(d). Cancellation Report.

(e). Driver status Report.

(f). Refund details report.


(a). Option to select service types(TABLE/TAKEAWAY/DELIVERY)

(b). Table Order: Option to select the Table number and number of covers.

(c). Ability to view the Table Status all the time.

(d). Change Table options.

(e). Delivery: Search customers with Name/Phone Number/Postcode

(f). Assign orders to Drivers and set the order status.

(g). Option to pay directly once delivered.

(h). Delivery charge adding/removing options.

(i). Service Charge adding/editing options.

(j). Option to add/edit Discount amount / Percentage.

(k). Option add/edit Food modifications.

(l). Complimentary options.

(m). Table Order: MAIN-AWAY options.

(n). Option to add Chef Notes.

(o). Delivery: Option to add Driver Notes.

(p). Resend to Kitchen Options.

(q). Receipt/Bill print anytime.

(r). Ability to VOID items with or without manager password.

(s) Ability to CANCEL orders with or without manager password.

(t). Refund options with manager password.

(u)  Option to open CASH DRAWER anytime with manager password.

(v). NO SALE options.

(w). Option to Change QTY/PRICE easily.

(x). Options to view Previous order details.

(a1). Bulk amount methods in Payment section.

(b1). Ability to add discount in payment section.

(c1). Easy to view Order Status with Total Amounts.

(d1). Option to delete the order with manager password.

(e1). Option to add Tips amount.

(f1). Post code search options for delivery customers (Postcode software)

(g1). Option to print labels for takeaway orders.

(h1). View delivery Map for delivery customers.

(i1). Option to add OPEN FOOD menu.

(j1). Update epos orders to website database.

(k1). Receive Orders from Website.


(a). Touch operated screen

(b). Cash Drawers

(c). POS Receipt Printer

(d). POS Kitchen Printer

(e). POS Label Printer

(f). Bar Code Reader


Administration Settings:

This holds all the general values which is used in online store for various purpose.

Prefix postcode is used to validate the postcode entered by a customer to find out whether the restaurant service is available in their area. We have other options like telephone number which is displayed in front end, minimum order to make an online order, delivery charge, payment option and display messages.


This is used to manage the content displayed on various pages in website front end.

Time Slots:

These are the delivery time which customer can select while ordering.

Working Day Slots:

This is used to set the days when online ordering is open or available.

Discount Coupon:

We can create new coupons. It will have option to set the date until when a coupon can be used. There will be two types of discount – total amount, percentage. Total amount – value specified as discount will be subtracted from the total amount of order.


values specifies the percentage of amount that will be given as discount on the order total

Member Management:

All the registered users will be listed in this page. We have option of add/edit/delete and search members.

Website Orders:

lists all the orders made through website

Front End:

To start ordering a food, customer should select the order type i.e. Takeaway or Delivery then specify the postcode and delivery day. Customer has option to order for his delivery or takeaway before a week or any day until next 6 days.Once the customer selects the order type and order day, they can browse through the menu and add dishes to the shopping cart. Create your pizza: with this feature customer can choose a base, toppings, pizza and then add it to shopping cart.

On finalizing the order, they can go to the checkout process. In the checkout page, if they have a coupon code, they can supply it and get a discount.To process the order the customer needs to login, select the time slot for delivery / takeaway click next step button, if the customer is not logged in they will be taken to login page otherwise they’ll be redirected to delivery / takeaway and billing details page. It also has payment options i.e Cash or Credit card. Once the order has been processed and paid, the customer gets a thank you email.

Orders that are made in website will be sent to the EPOS till automatically.

Registered customer can view their previous orders.

Caller ID Integration with Epos Software:

This system is used to interconnect Caller id Database with EPOS Software.

This system is mainly used for "Delivery" & "Phone" orders of the restaurant, Retail Shops etc.

Working Procedures:

Incoming Call to the Phone will be notified in the “System” via LAN Connection.

If the call is accepted for the “Order” it will move on to the “Customer Details” Page in which you can store, edit details of the customer. After Saving the details it will move on to the “Main menu” Screen, from there you can proceed the orders.

Once the details of the customer are saved, it will automatically fetch the details from the Database for the use.

This system is used to improve the performance of the Stores, Restaurants and so on.

Detailed reports of the “Phone Orders” etc can be easily fetched and maintained.

Loyalty Management:

This system is used to provide “Loyal Points \ Gifts Vouchers \ Discounts” to the Customers depending on their “Purchase” or “Income from them to the Restaurant”

 The Settings for the “Loyalty Management” is maintained in the “Administration Back-office area”

 Admin->Settings->Loyalty Management.

 In-Order to calculate Loyalty Values for Each Customers, it is necessary to save the customer details.
Without that it can’t be achieved.

Examples for Loyalty Point Settings:

   Buy for 100 - > Get 10 Points.

  Buy for 150 - > Get 20 Points.

  Buy for 200 - > Gets 35 Points.

   Use 10 Points-> Get free Purchase for 50

 Each time a sale is made by a particular customer, the “Loyalty Point” is calculated depending on the amount purchased.

 The customers can use the “Loyalty Points” according to the terms & conditions of the “Restaurant, Shops, etc”

 A separate database will be maintained for calculating, Managing the details of the “Loyalty Management”